End to end enablement and support 

FrameCAD Solutions support their customers with a proven training system, consultants and around-the clock access to technical expertise. FramCAD Solutions combination of new technology and personal service gives cold-formed steel manufacturing operations all over the world the confidence to advance.

A person’s business is about increasing profitability, efficiency and productivity. FrameCAD Solutions business is about enabling his business.

Behind FrameCAD Solutions’ new combination of software and production equipment is a pool of expertise that encompasses design, engineering, construction and every aspect of automated manufacturing.

FrameCAD Solutions’ team of experts provides the customer with the knowledge and advice he need for success, as well as the technology required to enable his business.


FrameCAD Services delivers a range of end-to end support options to ensure that the customer’s factory gets up and running fast – and stays productive and profitable.

  • Business and project feasibility consulting
  • Cold-formed steel manufacturing process consulting
  • Factory set-up and production optimisation
  • Plant installation and commissioning
  • Project management of factory deployments
  • Training academy – software and manufacturing plant
  • Product development consulting
  • Local authority consultation
  • FrameCAD detailing services
  • Technical support and maintenance contracts
  • Assembly and onsite erection training
  • Design and engineering advice
  • Plant operators and factory management
  • Plant certification and quality assurance programmes
  • Onsite project managers
FrameCAD Services – products and services

FrameCAD consulting services

FrameCAD Services provides a team of experienced management technicians to work with customers in delivering business and go-to-market plans with project financial analysis to ensure a successful project outcome.

They assist in specifying resource requirements and complete a training needs analysis to build an implementation and enablement plan. Sample design projects are completed for market and manufacturing feasibility planning.

Once initial planning is completed, FrameCAD Consulting works with the customer to plan his successful factory set-up and enablement, focusing on increased productivity and profitability, and staff training. A range of services are available from FrameCAD team of consultants from factory and business planning, through to operational, industry and local body consultation.

FrameCAD factory implementation

The implementation process starts with the factory layout planning; based on the customer’s requirements and projected throughput. Service options for process and operational management consulting provide him strategic business and factory management guidance along with assistance for local authority design approvals.

FrameCAD Services project managers will ensure that the customer’s implantation and rollout is delivered seamlessly and a trained FrameCAD Solutions factory manager can be deployed onsite to train and manage the customer’s production team. An end-to-end training and enablement plan is available to get the customer’s team up and running quickly – from production to onsite erection.

Factory certification and quality assurance

FrameCAD Services’ team of consultants will certify the customer’s manufacturing operation based on best practices and local authority building standards. Annual inspection and documentation updates will mean that the factory is producing certified output while reducing waste to as little as 1%. Qualityassurance teams will assist the customer to put business and factory floor processes in place to deliver consistent quality through his manufacturing operation.

FrameCAD training academy

FrameCAD Services provides effective enablement programmes through the FrameCAD academy, which delivers practical plant operation, software and frame assembly training programmes around the globe. They train design staff and operators on the use of FrameCAD software and manufacturing equipment. Training on building techniques and factory assembly ensures that the customer’s team gets up and running quickly. Online training options are available for remote learning.

FrameCAD technical support services

To ensure the customer’s FrameCAD factory continues to run at optimum production levels post the initial installation, a range of services are delivered on an annual basis. From annual factory certification and inspection to continued enablement and business management, FrameCAD Services continues to support the customer’s cold-formed steel manufacturing operation with various renewable support programmes. Annual maintenance programmes are available to ensure maximum plant uptime.

FrameCAD design bureau

The expertise of FrameCAD design bureau is available to customers who want to outsource their building detailing. The bureau can also check drawings for customers who are training new staff on the use of FrameCAD software products.
The FrameCAD design bureau helps the customer to optimise his production facility with these services:

  • Cold-formed steel design guidance and advice
  • Detailed cold-formed steel framing designs based on clients’ requirements
  • Design checking prior to engineering verification to streamline approval processes
  • Online training with FrameCAD design staff, involving ‘live’ coaching over the internet
  • Service contracts for ongoing staff training
The FrameCAD design bureau can also provide general guidance on the process required to meet local standards, regulations, laws, or building codes.

The FrameCAD Services implementation, support and consulting services are designed to provide the customer with the optimum factory installation; delivering not only high throughput manufacturing capability, but also providing him the essential expertise and guidance to plan and deploy a successful, profitable operation.