The FrameCAD Solutions  design and sustainable building process incorporates the intelligence of the FrameCAD system and FrameMaster manufacturing equipment.

The new FrameCAD FL650 automatically produces light gauge steel floor joists for residential housing to multi-level commercial buildings. The manufacturing equipment is ideal for high volume production environments and the FL650 flooring system is light weight and strong and completely optimises material use.

Each output is formed accurately and cut, punched and individually labelled ready for assembly. Large service holes are created automatically at the required spacing, making the installation of electrical, HVAC and plumbing services easy and simple. Pre-punched fixing tabs ensure a high quality, engineered connection, and allow rapid on-site assembly.

The FrameCAD FL650 is supported by the integrated suite of FrameCAD software. The software creates a seamless flow from architectural inspiration to commercial reality, backed up with the support of the expert technician and engineering team.

When the FL650 is combined with FrameMaster Frame and Truss manufacturing equipment, and FrameCAD’s fully integrated software, the end result is a total automated building system that is efficient, versatile, and has next to no waste. The total FrameCAD building solution is the foundation for businesses creating new levels of productivity and profitability.