Fowler Manufacturing  offers different types of bathroom ware products which include concealed suites, basins and toilets.

Fowler Manufacturing provides concealed suites which are distributed under the name Seido, Lucid and Newport. The Seido range of bathroomware products include invisi wall faced concealed suite-in wall, invisi wall faced concealed suite-induct and in ceiling, invisi wall hung concealed suite-in wall and invisi wall hung concealed suite-induct and in ceiling. Lucid and Newport range of bathroomware products from Fowler Manufacturing include in wall toilet suite and induct or in ceiling toilet suite.

Newport range of concealed suites from Fowler Manufacturing is of various types including low profile wall faced toilet suite, standard wall faced toilet suite, cube close coupled, standard close coupled and cube wall faced toilet suites.

Newport cube wall faced toilet suite is designed based on European style with stylish flush fittings. Additionally, chrome buttons and stainless steel hinges are also added.

Newport low profile wall faced toilet suite comes with reduced cistern height and these have raised chrome buttons and stainless steel seat hinges which are ideal for restricted areas. Odourvac ventilation system is also provided along with water conserving units. Apart from this, back and bottom inlet cistern options are also provided.