DPR (dressed pencil round) is a new generation range of dead straight structural timber products, free of the annoying defects common to traditional hardwood.

Made from specially selected low shrinkage, highly durable hardwood species, DPR is planed with a smooth surface and 'pencil rounded' edges.

Specialised sawing technology guarantees timber which is dead straight, strong and accurate to size. Using DPR products (available in F14 and F17 strength ratings) will speed up construction by eliminating most preparation work. DPR products are available for use as framing, sub-floor framing, roof trusses, lintels, rafters, battens, posts and decking. They are particularly popular for decks, exposed joists and pole home framing.

All DPR products are immunised against Lyctus Borer. They are also available as termite resistant DPR Plus. Available from Ford Timbers .