Forbo Flooring  have released an innovative new collection of acoustic Sarlon Quartz, the extremely wear resistant project vinyl flooring that is quiet underfoot, low maintenance, easy and cost-effective to clean and visually pleasing.  

A range within Forbo’s Acoustic Project Vinyl Collection, Sarlon Quartz has a dense PVC foam backing offering up to 17dB impact sound reduction.  

High durability and efficiency of stain and indentation resistance is achieved with the thickest wear layer of 0.9mm and its new PUR+ lacquer which is resistant to bethadine.  A compact layer of non woven glass fibre carrier gives Sarlon Quartz vinyl flooring exceptional dimensional stability.  

Silver ion anti-bacterial technology has been used in the production of its protective PU coating and wear layer, offering lifelong protection against germs and bacteria - an obvious benefit in health and aged care surrounds.  

The environmentally conscious Forbo Flooring has produced Sarlon Quartz vinyl flooring with eco-friendly water based inks.  

Available in 14 inviting colours and a matte finish, Sarlon Quartz vinyl flooring is suitable for high traffic areas that need a warm, welcoming look and feel while withstanding the rigours of a hardworking commercial setting.