When you buy Marmoleum, you also help plant a tree and contribute to the restoration of Australia’s natural landscape.

Forbo Flooring Systems Australia has partnered with Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) to plant native Australian trees and shrubs to help restore the country’s biodiversity.

CNCF restores degraded land in Australia back to its natural state by planting native species of trees and shrubs. Seeds are collected and harvested locally to ensure the plantings support the natural biodiversity of the local area.

Native trees are planted to create long term carbon sinks, helping capture carbon and also protect local species.

Every square metre of Marmoleum installed now helps regenerate Australia's natural landscape and restore Australian native forests.

By choosing CO2 neutral Marmoleum flooring, you have helped Forbo Flooring plant over 6,000 trees in 2019 with many more in 2020 and beyond.

About Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund

A not-for-profit organisation, the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund uses the funds raised through donations and carbon offsets to plant native trees on degraded land in Australia. CNCF reforestation projects sequester carbon, help restore the landscape and also conserve the natural biodiversity. Since 2001, CNCF has planted over 5.4 million trees across 3,812 hectares and 160 sites.

Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund (CNCF) helps individuals, families, and organisations minimise their impact on the environment.

Creating better environments with Marmoleum

Forbo Flooring’s Marmoleum is a natural and carbon neutral flooring range (from cradle to gate), enabling construction projects to minimise their carbon footprint and help restore Australian native landscapes at the same time.

Forbo's tagline, 'creating better environments' underlines the company’s commitment to creating a better world and a better environment – today and for future generations – by meeting their obligations and acting in a sustainable way.

Manufacturing a naturally carbon neutral product and working with CNCF to replant native trees is just one way Forbo Flooring makes a positive difference to the built and natural local environments.

Certificate of Donation

Have you recently completed a Marmoleum project? You can request a certificate of donation recognising your tree planting contribution.