Acoustic project vinyls from Forbo are a collection of impact sound reduction vinyl floors that come in various designs and that adhere to European Db classifications for impact sound reduction.

The Sarlon Trafic vinyl floors feature a wide range of contemporary designs in acoustic vinyl. The Sarlon Trafic, Caldeira, Uni, Hoggar,  Boreal and Kalahari models are a collection of comfortable heterogeneous vinyl floors combining an impact sound reduction of 19dB with extreme high wear resistance.

The Sarlon Quartz opus vinyl floors combine both performance and style featuring a matte finish that comes certified with an impact sound reduction of 17 dB. The vinyl floors are made with a 0.9mm thick wear layer and a residual indentation level of .08mm.

With silver ions in the bethadine resistant lacquer, the vinyl floors are guaranteed to not diminish over time.

The Sarlon Tech Canyon line of vinyl floors feature a  0.7mm pure PVC wear layer with a PUR lacquer that makes it highly scratch and stain resistant. The residual indentation of .06 mm makes it easier for the movement of rolling loads and indoor wheeled traffic.

Mineral embossing on the Tech Canyon model breaks light reflection and makes subfloor imperfections less visible.

The Eternal Wood Decibel combines comfort and strength by providing an excellent impact sound reduction of 17dB without concessions to the performance.