Forbo Touch, available from Forbo Flooring , is an award-winning new and different linoleum floor covering that lets the users see and feel light and texture in their constantly changing harmony.

Made from all natural, renewable raw materials, Forbo Touch adds an ideal tactile experience for an environment that stimulates the senses.

Immediately attracting the M Technology Award for interior design and Netherlands’ Good Industrial Design award (office interior decoration category), Forbo Touch combines the hygienic and natural benefits of linoleum with the comforting and tactile qualities of cork.

Forbo Touch is ideal for spaces in need of quiet distinction, such as offices, lounges or libraries.

Two designs, Forbo Touch Solo and Touch Duet both have a natural textured element and meet the global trend of using natural materials in architecture and interior design.

Forbo Touch Duet is a collection of 12 colours in a random surface of shiny and matt, rugged and smooth textures which creates a colour spectrum that changes according to the direction from which the floor is viewed.

Forbo Touch Solo, in six earthy colours, has a monochrome matt, more subtly textured surface that gives the floor a warm and natural look and feel.

While visually pleasing by itself, Touch Solo combines well with other natural floor coverings for a matt and gloss effect. Forbo Touch has an easy cleaning regime.