Forbo Flooring presents a new and improved Health and Safety Executive (HSE) compliant floor collection featuring on-trend colours and designs to create safer, slip-resistant and beautiful interiors.

The new STEP collection of safety flooring consists of 11 individual ranges covering all relevant slip ratings to offer true design freedom while providing peace of mind to specifiers and end users. STEP’s genuine safety flooring is tested to EN13845 for guaranteed lifetime slip resistance performance.

The new additions to the STEP safety floor collection include a brand new Steel design featuring a metallic shimmer running throughout the surface. The Steel look is ideal for retail, leisure and hospitality interiors.

The brighter Surestep Laguna colours extend application beyond pure wetroom areas, while digitally printed options such as ‘ice cream’ and ‘moon’ deliver stunning design outcomes.

The STEP Wood range features a new embossed surface for a more natural look, while Surestep Original contains 22 on-trend colours. The refreshed Safestep R11 and R12 palettes allow colour matching with each other as well as the R10 version.

For interiors that require both slip resistance and superior acoustic performance, Forbo offers the STEP Decibel range in a selection of 12 contemporary colours across wood, stone and all over designs, all of which achieve 17dB impact sound reduction.

In addition to the above, clients also have the flexibility to have any design digitally printed onto the surface of STEP safety flooring for bespoke outcomes.

Forbo has also launched a new integrated wetroom solution for both floors and walls. This range comprises of colours from Surestep Laguna, three new Surestep Star barefoot designs, which include visible chips to add a deeper dimension, and eight Safestep Aqua colourways, all complementing the tones of the new Onyx+ wall covering.

Janet Lowe, Head of Marketing UK and Ireland at Forbo Flooring Systems, commented: “A few years ago, we recognised that the industry desired safety flooring that had contemporary aesthetics, rather than the industrial looks that were often associated with this type of safety performance floor covering. As such, we refreshed the STEP collection to include unique STEP crystals to provide fresher, brighter shades and designs.

“This year, the new STEP collection will provide specifiers and end users with even more design options – especially with the new digital printing capability – to cater for a variety of sectors. We’ve also colour-matched elements of the STEP collection with other products in our portfolio, such as Sphera homogeneous vinyl, sustainable Marmoleum and flocked Flotex to ensure specifiers achieve maximum synergy when it comes to creating large flooring schemes, from entrance to exit.”