Forbo 's Design vinyl tiles that offer the aesthetics of wood, stone, metal or glass while having the advantages of easy installation, cleaning and maintenance.

The Forbo Designer vinyl tiles collection also comprises a professional collection of high performance loose lay tiles with natural designs and a tough unrivaled alternative for homogenous design tiles for high traffic areas.

The Allura vinyl tile model feature a 3-dimensional effect achieved through both the surface and reverse embossing for added texture and aesthetics.

The Flex SL is an extremely high-grade heterogeneous vinyl til that can also be fitted as a loose-lay tile. The tiles are 50 by 50cm square and 20 by 100 cm for a selection of wood designs. The seamless fitting floor tiles are suitable for renovation projects and for finishing raised floors.

The ColoRex Concept floor tiles are pressed floor coverings with high density and a homogeneous structure which ensures an outstanding performance under high traffic conditions. The floor tiles' smooth and pore free surface allow for easy and effective cleaning procedures.