The new Forbo Novilon flooring collection, available from Forbo Flooring , has a large cushioned vinyl offering of designs, colours and patterns to compliment any interior.

Ranging from modern to traditional and with a choice of finishes including woods, tiles, stone, slate, and metal, the Forbo Novilon flooring offers more visual impact and stays true-to-life when viewed from any angle.

Designs visually emulate nature due to a combination of advanced embossing techniques that apply texture and a low gloss lacquered surface, which adds a realistic dimension.

Additionally, its 1.5 metre pattern repeat (longer in the vinyl flooring marketplace) adds to the naturalistic look of the range, particularly across the spectrum of wood and tile designs.

Cushioned comfort, quiet underfoot, low maintenance and easy clean are all functional features of Forbo Novilon flooring.

Unlike many cushioned vinyls, Forbo Novilon’s level of grip is not significantly reduced by spills or splashes of liquid.

Its slip resistant surface finish, Aquagrip, enables Forbo Novilon to achieve an R10 slip rating, which significantly reduces the chance of slips or falls in the home, making it ideal for families, the young and the elderly.

Other features include Diamond Seal, an additional protective layer that guards against scuffs, dirt and indentations from furniture; and NoviClean, which helps to reduce dust levels, keeping the home environment cleaner – especially important for those that suffer from allergies and asthma.

Forbo Novilon is produced using advanced technologies, which give it added strength and durability.

A 20 year warranty stands testament to the quality of Forbo Novilon flooring.