The new Forbo Marmoleum Global 3 flooring collection, available in Australia from March 2009, represents another major leap in linoleum flooring. It offers a number of radically different looks, more tile options and impressive ecological performance.    

Global 3 now incorporates the Marmoleum, Artoleum and Walton ranges into one comprehensive collection portfolio.  

Adding to the well-known natural self-marbling and solid styles, Global 3 unveils the unique Artoleum striato. Ideal for visually lengthening areas, it has a directional, striated effect with the familiarity of timber grain yet delicately different (in eight nature-derived and bright colours).   

New also is Walton cirrus – a contemporary, ‘closest to solid’ option (in six strong colours), which combines especially well with Artoleum striato and Marmoleum vivace.   In total 51 new colours are offered.  

Marmoleum decibel offers 20 options with impact sound reduction of 17dB; whilst Marmoleum dual’s tile collection is strengthened, extending to 30 tone-on-tones and powerful contrasts.  

Amongst other additions are Marmoleum fresco’s fresh, calm greens ideal for healthcare; three leather-like tones to the stylish, embossed Walton crocodiles; and 21 new colours to the contrasting marbling of Marmoleum real.  

For broad design options and interior colour coding schemes, Marmoleum Global 3 offers gradations from light to dark and saturation in all shades.  

Forbo’s internationally respected design team specifically created Marmoleum Global 3 to meet the theme ‘designing the future’, to offer extensive and exciting design options, economic benefits from installation and maintenance to durability, and long-ranging eco-performance.  

Marmoleum Global 3 complements Forbo’s Furniture Linoleum and Bulletin Board for extraordinary sustainable design flexibility. All are GECA certified prods and attract maximum points for green star ratings.  

Topshield on all products delivers long-lasting appearance retention whilst making cleaning and maintenance easy and cost-effective.  

Independent research confirms that Global 3 products have exceptional whole life performance in terms of both economic and environmental sustainability and deliver a low cost of ownership when compared with alternatives.  With a closed lifecycle, these products’ life expectancy is 25 years and more.