Resilient flooring specialist Forbo Flooring has proven solutions for all flooring requirements in the commercial sector with its Marmoleum and Artoleum brands which offer a durable and environmentally friendly option. Made from harvestable, renewable raw materials such as linseed oil, rosin,m wood flour and jute, both ranges offer practical benefits such as excellent appearance retention and easy-to-clean surface in addition to an exciting array of colours - over 130 to choose from - and designs.

Both are particularly suitable for healthcare due to intrinsic bacteriostatic properties which means they are resistant to the superbug MRSA and also for the education sector as they do not harbour dustmites, thus minimising asthma.

Further Forbo’s comprehensive vinyl range offers peace of mind with the slip resistant STEP range and the Smaragd range for protection of wet areas while ColoRex meets static requirements for use in laboratories and computer rooms.

Source: Building Products News.