Foam, in its most basic form, is popular as a packaging material typically used to safeguard electrical or white goods. In its ‘box’ version, it is used to transport foods that need to be packed with ice and kept cold.

However, the modest foam has evolved into a greater role as a cost-effective building material. Today, several construction companies use polystyrene as the main material for building foundations. While its shock absorbent properties reduce the chances of the foundation cracking, the added insulation increases the energy efficiency of the building.

Foam has also been widely used for decades in another application that is often overlooked – as props. Used in the entertainment industry for theatre, television and movies, as well as in advertising to sell products and services, props are also very popular on the thriving Cosplay scene.

Foam is additionally used by cake decorators to create ‘fake cakes’ for the budget conscious, combining layers of decorated foam with one layer of real cake for events such as birthdays and weddings.