The Diamond Pod system from Foamex Group delivers multiple advantages to construction projects, saving costs and time as well as reducing the potential for damage in future.

Specifically developed for the residential, commercial and industrial construction markets, Foamex Diamond Pods feature a revolutionary design that reduces costs during concrete pouring, saves time during the laying of the foundation, and lowers the risk of future foundation damage.

Damage to concrete foundations can occur due to many reasons. Concrete slabs crack and move within the soil as a result of heat, humidity and wet weather. Cracked foundations can show up in the form of cracks in the walls and doors unable to close properly. If left unattended for too long, the building owner would have to spend substantially on repairs.

Soil movement is one of the primary reasons for cracked foundations. This is why it’s important to determine the type of soil before building the home. Clay soil, for instance, will expand when there is too much moisture, pushing the foundation up and cracking it. On the flip side, when the soil becomes too dry, it shrinks back from the foundation causing ‘settlement’ and cracking from the pressure.

When correctly specified to suit the soil type, the Foamex Diamond Pod system will absorb the effects of soil movement, ensuring the concrete foundation remains structurally sound and intact.