Keeping your home warm and comfortable in an energy-efficient way is possible if you choose the right heating system and back it up with the right insulation solution.

There are many options for heating up the house without breaking the bank. A portable electric heater is more than sufficient to heat a small room; however, even though these heaters can warm up a space very quickly, they are also expensive to run.

A portable gas heater is recommended for larger rooms – most of these models are electric/gas hybrids that just require a power outlet to run. Being portable, installation is hassle-free and the system can be moved to another room if required.

Homeowners looking for whole-of-house heating should consider ducted/central heating systems. A compressor installed outside the house or in the roof helps distribute warm air throughout the house through ducted vents located in selected rooms. Temperatures can be easily controlled and monitored through a central control panel.

While all of these options are great for heating a home, an important aspect one should consider is the ability of the home to keep the heat in; effective insulation is the way to go to keep the interior thermally efficient.

A well-insulated home is not just about wall and ceiling insulation; underfloor insulation is often forgotten when discussing home insulation but is just as important as wall and ceiling insulation.

Expol underfloor insulation from Foamex Group prevents the entry of cooler air in the building, and escape of heat from the interior space in winter. Simple to install, Expol underfloor insulation is perfect for DIY projects and can also be retrofitted to an existing home. The concertina panels of the Expol system fit snugly between floor joists, creating a thermal barrier against the elements, and ensuring the home remains warm in winter and cool in summer, for life.