A construction site is a hub of activity with multiple agencies and their personnel working at the same time to achieve various deliverables. It’s therefore, important to ensure that sufficient care is taken to create a safe and efficient worksite for all involved in day-to-day work. It’s also the responsibility of everyone on site including suppliers to play their part in enabling a well-run site.

Here’s how Foamex Group contributes to an efficient, safe and environment-friendly building site.


All Foamex polystyrene products are delivered to the construction site in a responsible and safe manner. Foamex also ensures all pods are tied down in accordance with industry approved methods, to prevent damage as well as blow a-ways.

On-site waste storage and removal

All building sites are provided with bags for clean-up on-site, allowing contractors to efficiently store waste until removal. Foamex also co-ordinates with contractors to arrange for the pick-up of all unused waste and end-of-use EPS products. All the waste is then transported to Foamex’s manufacturing facility, where it will be granulated safely for use in other products. 


Foamex’s expanded polystyrene offers versatility in both application and recyclability.

Fully recyclable: Virtually all EPS manufactured at Foamex is used in products, as part of their polystyrene range, or as recycled material.

Insulating properties: Foamex’s high insulation properties reduce energy usage by keeping the building thermally efficient in summer and winter.

Water resistant: Foamex’s water resistance prevents rot and build-up of mould and mildew, making it last longer with reduced health risks.

Lightweight: Foamex’s lightweight composition reduces transportation costs and allows safer handling on-site for contractors.

Resilient: Foamex’s EPS is a highly resilient material, and surprisingly sturdy despite its light weight, reducing the risk of breakage and waste.

EPSA: As a member of Expanded Polystyrene Australia (EPSA), Foamex follows all recommended EPS distribution and clean-up responsibilities as outlined in the Pod Code of Practice.

As a responsible manufacturer, Foamex continues to improve their processes to ensure a cleaner and safer environment, and is fully committed to the practice of recycling EPS waste into other products.