It’s a problem most homeowners are familiar with; they also dread having to deal with it. Mould can develop anywhere, given the right conditions – even in well-ventilated homes. Mould not only affects the appearance of the home, but can compromise the health of its occupants through respiratory illnesses.

Typically found in dark, damp, warm spaces, mould needs moisture to grow. Regardless of how well-ventilated a home is, a few days of continuous rain can create the perfect conditions for mould to grow and take hold.

Mould on visible surfaces can be immediately dealt with, but the areas where mould can grow undetected, such as wall and roof insulation, can become the real problem. In terms of insulation products, standard glass wool insulation is susceptible to mould and decay if the right conditions are present.

However, Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) insulation is far less likely to develop mould or decay, and will continue to provide excellent thermal insulation performance.

For instance, Styroboard XPS from Foamex Group is resistant to water absorption and maintains its thermal and physical properties even in inclement weather, making it a perfect insulation solution that will not rot, develop mould or decay.

Mould is primarily caused by environmental conditions. However, there are also other household factors that can create the right environment for mould spores to grow and thrive.

Leaking pipes

Leaky pipes are difficult to detect, and often go unattended because they are hidden from view. By the time a leaking pipe is detected, mould has already started to grow.

Leaking roof

Similar to a leaking pipe, a leaky roof is equally hard to detect until it’s too late. Regular checks are advised in the roof area; also keep an eye on the internal ceiling for signs of water damage.


Cold surfaces can create condensation, which if left untreated, can also lead to mould.

Poor ventilation

In poorly ventilated homes, pockets of moist air can lead to mould. Keeping the moisture levels balanced in the home’s interior is necessary and can be achieved by ensuring humidity-creating steam is properly circulated outdoors through windows.

Moisture and mould problems can be effectively dealt with through the use of XPS polystyrene in wall and roof insulation applications. Styroboard XPS insulation boards from Foamex Group are lightweight and durable, and manufactured in Australia to Australian standards.