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    Polyurethane foam thermal insulations available from Foamed Insulation

    Foamed Insulation Pty Ltd

    Polyurethane is a versatile cellular plastic with unsurpassed insulation properties. Depending on its formulation, polyurethane foam may be open celled or closed celled, rigid, semi-rigid or flexible. It can be cast, moulded, poured or sprayed in densities ranging from 10 kg/cubic metre to 300 kg/cubic metre. 

    Foamed Insulation provide sprayed in place and poured in-situ closed-cell, rigid foam ranging from 30 kg/cubic metre. They are capable of providing both on-site and in-factory services.

    Features of this rigid foam insulation include:

    • Heat transfer resistance (“R” value) is a common standard of insulation performance. Polyurethane foam is effective in resisting the heat transfer or heat loss.
    • Sprayed rigid foam forms a seamless insulating barrier, which prevents incursion of outside air that is a major source of heat loss.
    • Properly protected rigid foam is virtually immune from water penetration, which degrades effectiveness of insulation.
    • Sprayed rigid foam does not sag, buckle, pack down or mat, which are conditions that reduce insulation effectiveness.
    • When foam is applied to the upper side of a roof, covering with an elastomeric, bituminous or acrylic membrane is necessary to protect it from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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