HomeGuard kills, repels and physically restricts the concealed entry of termites into the structure.

HomeGuard available from FMC Australasia is a pro-active termite management system, effectively killing termites.

HomeGuard is Eco-specified and Greensmart accredited.

Both of these accreditation bodies have rigorous systems in place which ensure that only truly green building products have earned the right to be labeled with such eco-prestige.

The registered termiticide captured within HomeGuard’s polymer products will not leach or diffuse, effectively locking in the active ingredient to enhance its efficacy, longevity while remaining environmentally friendly and safe to the homeowner.

HomeGuard has been assessed by the national pesticides regulatory body and has passed the stringent environmental and regulatory requirements set.

In addition, HomeGuard carries CSIRO Building approval and is suitable for building works in all states in Australia.

The whole HomeGuard system is CodeMark Certified meaning it is held in high regard by builders and designers.

The advanced technology in HomeGuard is patent and data protected giving added security that the product cannot be copied by an inferior manufacturer.

HomeGuard is user friendly

The lightweight single sheet with the active ingredient evenly distributed throughout the matrix is easy to work with. It will not delaminate or cut like some physical barriers and being non-scheduled and non-sensitizing HomeGuard is unlikely to cause installer or builder discomfort.

HomeGuard suits a multitude of building construction situations

Environmentally sensitive building sites

  • Whole of under slab
  • Slab penetrations and critical joints
  • Internal slab perimeter
  • Damp proof course (DPC) and external perimeter cavity
  • External perimeter cavity (without DPC)
  • Retaining walls