Atherton based Max Slade has been designing buildings and renovations since 1980 and has run his own business, Max Slade Designs since 1981.

Max Slade has also been an active member of the Building Designers Association of Queensland and has just stepped down as President.

Renovations and extension innovations to the Atherton Council Chambers and the Atherton Hotel carry the characteristic designs that have made Max Slade well-known in the region.

Max Slade is now focusing more on residential construction and his designs have been used extensively throughout North Queensland from the top of Thursday Island, south to Innisfail and west to Normanton.

In the past, Max Slade has also been involved in numerous projects for industrial and commercial structures and for specialist designs for Disability Accessible Dwellings throughout Queensland.

As a founding member of the BDAQ and the Outgoing President of the Queensland Branch, Max Slade has seen numerous types of termite management systems launched over the years.

According to Max Slade, FMC Australasia’s HomeGuard Precision Termite Management System is widely used because of its single sheet, proactive properties and the ease and the safety of the installation. Max Slade is now recommending HomeGuard in most of his designs.

Max Slade is aware that new technology changes affect all aspects of the construction industry and has starting integrating these energy efficiency aspects into his designs.

The fact that HomeGuard is Ecospecified, HIA Greensmart and CodeMark approved, allows him to use this new termite management technology to compliment his offering to commercial and residential clients.

“The fact that FMC continues to invest in the HomeGuard family of termite solutions shows that they have a long term commitment to the construction industry, and gives me peace of mind that the product I specify, is both up to date and is of the quality I expect from the materials I specify for my project,” says Max Slade.

“I like the fact that HomeGuard is installed like other physical barriers but has the ability to kill termites if they come in contact with the barrier and that it is designed to last the life of the building without needing to be recharged or tampered with.

“In Northern Queensland, termite protection is a major consideration when designing structures because of the aggressive species we find here,” says Max Slade.

“I take the matter very seriously and after seeing the testing and registration requirements that FMC had to submit, before they could market the product, gives me confidence that I am specifying a truly tested and new generation termite barrier system,” said Max Slade.