FMC Australasia  has advised the registration of HomeGuard GT, a specifically designed product to complement the existing HomeGuard Precision Termite Management components.

HomeGuard GT is a proactive 0.1% bifenthrin impregnated polymer bead that is poured into the cavity void during the construction phase.

When used in combination with a 110mm HomeGuard Blue cover strip, HomeGuard GT can be used to replace a HomeGuard Blue or HomeGuard DPC perimeter cavity installation making it an ideal product in situations when the frame has already been erected.

HomeGuard GT can also be used in salvage situations such as moving a service penetration.

“Until the release of this exciting product, installers were limited in their options when faced with salvage and corrective situations” says FMC specialty technical officer, Dugald North.

“HomeGuard GT will become an integral part of the HomeGuard system allowing installers to address those practical hurdles that always happen on site. I believe every installer should carry a bag of HomeGuard GT in their vehicles to sort out those unexpected situations” says Dugald.

HomeGuard GT is fully registered by the APVMA and will be available from the distribution in March. Like all quality HomeGuard products, HomeGuard GT forms a pro-active barrier system that will kill and repel attacking termites for the life of the building.

HomeGuard GT will not leach or degrade over time and is non scheduled making it user friendly. Each bag of HomeGuard GT weighs 15kg which is a lot lighter than some of the older passive granule barrier products.

There is no limit on the cavity width required making HomeGuard GT a versatile product to suit most situations. HomeGuard GT is ideal for filling conduit voids and small construction gaps that are common on a building site.

HomeGuard GT is yet another innovative addition to the HomeGuard System designed to give installers the tools to handle even tough installations.

A comprehensive installation manual is now available on the HomeGuard website.