One of the most sought after flooring materials today, terrazzo has been in vogue for centuries, going all the way back to Ancient Rome. Counted among the top global design trends, terrazzo flooring has been installed in some of the most glamorous restaurants and hotels and has also been included in the Pinterest 100 Report. It has even been embraced by the prestigious fashion label, Valentino with the dappled, high-end aesthetic used extensively in their new RIBA award-winning West End store.

Terrazzo flooring has traditionally consisted of marble or granite chips set in concrete and polished down to a smooth surface, creating a decoratively patterned finish of small, interspersed coloured flakes. However, newer technologies have improved the popular flooring material with resin systems revolutionising the design, installation and use of terrazzo surfaces. Thanks to the versatility of seamless resin terrazzo flooring, designers of large commercial facilities have the opportunity to conceptualise the floor area as one massive canvas on which they can create bespoke works of art.

Modern installations use an epoxy or a polyurethane based system instead of concrete, allowing blocks of coloured resin to be poured into the desired pattern. Metal bands are used to mark out the pattern’s different sections. Once the last colour has been added in, the floor area is repeatedly ground down, sealed and polished to create a smooth and glossy finish.

The highly versatile resin terrazzo flooring allows designers to get creative; the aggregates are added in the resin mix with the designer tailoring the shimmer and shine across the floor area. For example, crystal mirror glass, marble, flint, granite and mother-of-pearl can all be incorporated into a resin terrazzo floor to create a unique lustrous appearance.

Resin flooring is a practical option especially for busy areas as it allows easy cleaning; the colours, pattern and shimmer of the floor won’t deteriorate in the face of heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning, high heels, or food and drink spillages. A resin floor stands up to the operational challenges faced by busy commercial venues such as shopping centres, airports, theme parks and restaurants on a daily basis.

Thanks to its ability to transform an environment and provide an easy-to-maintain finish, the seamless resin terrazzo range Mondéco from Flowcrete has been installed in a long list of prestigious, high-end locations around the world.

Moody Lagoon restaurant, Benguela Cove

Benguela Cove is a winery estate in South Africa that epitomises luxurious living. The Moody Lagoon restaurant treats guests to amazing views of the lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean as well as great food in an environment that’s carefully crafted to convey vintage sophistication in a contemporary style. To create a floor in keeping with this interior design scheme, the resin terrazzo system Mondéco Earth was installed in two complementary colours on an area covering 300 square metres in a geometric pattern of interconnected squares, rectangles and lines.

Leicester Square Kitchen, London

Mondéco Rapide, a technologically advanced terrazzo flooring innovation, was applied in and around the restaurant’s central bar area covering 100 square metres. Applied at night, the resin floor was sufficiently cured by the morning to allow other trades to work onsite. The short turnaround on the installation of this terrazzo flooring was made possible with the use of Mondéco Rapide.

Mondéco Rapide has been formulated by combining the rapid curing power of methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology with the resilience of polyurethane to create a terrazzo flooring option that can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional materials.

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