Lexus Motors set up a service centre in Roseville, Sydney in a project that involved the refurbishment of a 1960s building that had previously been used for archiving. The two-level building is situated in a low-lying area with one end cut into a hill to a depth of 8 m below ground level. The eastern wall borders a creek that flows into a major river.

The specification called for a flooring finish that not only looked good, was durable and easy to clean but would also protect against the possibility of rising moisture. Flowcrete Australia proposed the use of its epoxy trowel system Flowcoat SF41 in conjunction with a system known as Flowcem.

Tony Di Girolamo, general manager, Flowcrete Australia says “Given the age and location of the building, it was important to ensure that there would be no risk of damage to the new flooring from rising moisture. By installing Flowcem, a fast-drying epoxy cement composite at ground level, this provides a moisture proof barrier onto which the composite Flowcoat was applied.” Flowtex epoxy mortar was also used extensively for bunding and ramping in order to isolate wash areas and to ensure smooth transitions between different floor levels.

Following installation of the Composite SF41, the floor was finished with further coats of roller-applied Flowcoat SF41 with a topcoat of clear quartz sealer, for greater ease of cleaning.