Flowcrete has launched a new acrylic resin-based mortar formulated specifically for use in floor repair applications in sub-zero environments.

The new Flowfast F1 Mortar is a new methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin repair mortar designed to address the challenges faced by plant managers at food and beverage manufacturing facilities when required to shut down operations for routine maintenance work. For instance, cold rooms or walk-in refrigerators and freezers can present significant challenges when entire floor areas need to be resurfaced, given that food and beverage brands aim to reduce operational downtime and in many cases, spoilage and wastage.

Flowfast F1 Mortar is a fast and durable acrylic resin-based mortar that provides a fully hardened surface in just 30 minutes. Ideal for repairing general damage as well as filling holes and imperfections in concrete substrates, the resin-based mortar can be used with machine bases and joint arises as well as drill and bolt holes.

Advantages of Flowfast F1 Mortar

Flowfast F1 Mortar can be installed on cementitious substrates that have a relative humidity of up to 97% (to BS 8204) and at temperatures ranging from -20°C through to 30°C.

Flowfast F1 Mortar can be installed in cold rooms as well as walk-in refrigerators and freezers while these premises remain operational.

Flowfast F1 Mortar can cure at low temperatures ranging from -20°C through to 30°C.

Flowfast F1 Mortar fully hardens after 30 minutes, eliminating any need for an operational shutdown to install the product.

Flowfast F1 Mortar can withstand heavy traffic in a cold room, providing superior physical properties when compared to an uncoated concrete flooring surface.

Flowfast F1 Mortar can be used in environments other than cold rooms including warehouses, factories and production areas looking to minimise downtime.