Flowfresh Sealer, the latest hygienic flooring product from Flowcrete has been nominated as a finalist in the Food Safe Equipment and Materials category of the 2016 Food & Beverage Industry Awards. Flowfresh Sealer is one of seven nominees in this award category, which identifies products that have most successfully responded to consumer demands over the past year for innovations that enhance food safety.

The 12th edition of the prestigious Food & Beverage Industry Awards will be held at Rydges World Square, Sydney, on Friday 23rd September.

A breakthrough development in the food industry flooring sector, Flowfresh Sealer is the only polyurethane floor available to the Australian market that ticks all three boxes: a full-gloss finish, Polygiene antimicrobial additive, and HACCP International certification.

Flowfresh Sealer will be facing off for the award against other nominees in the HACCP Australia nominated category including The Juggler café milk tap system, the sanitising eWater system and the SmartTrace Real-time Temperature Tracker.

Flowcrete Australia’s Managing Director, Sean Tinsley says the nomination for a Food & Beverage Industry Award reflects the company’s commitment to creating solutions tailored to this sector’s complex and ever-evolving requirements.

Describing Flowfresh Sealer as the next stage in the development of food grade flooring, he adds that the full gloss, antimicrobial finish of this polyurethane system is ideal for meeting the practical and aesthetic flooring standards that food and beverage producers need for compliance.

Flowcrete Australia’s hygienic flooring innovation delivers both functional and aesthetic benefits to food environments. Unlike the purely functional uninspiring floors of the past, Flowcrete’s colourful coating provides a bright and glossy floor as well as all the practical benefits such as durability, ease of cleaning, slip resistance and bactericidal properties required for safe and sanitary food processing.

Food grade flooring has had to continually improve over the years to comply with the criteria of authorities such as Food Standards Australia New Zealand as well as international food safety standards such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). The entire Flowfresh range has been HACCP International certified thanks to its ability to maintain a surface that effectively minimises contamination risks.

Many food and beverage businesses have already embraced Flowfresh Sealer since its launch, including the new White Rabbit Brewery in Geelong, Victoria, the fresh food distribution business Chef’s Pantry and the Brisbane fresh food market Town and Country Markets.

The team at Flowcrete Australia is now looking forward to the awards night and the opportunity to discuss the food industry’s latest trends, technologies and challenges.

Image: Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfresh Sealer system has been nominated as a finalist in the Food Safe Equipment and Materials category of the 2016 Food & Beverage Industry Awards.