A hard-wearing Flowcrete flooring system was installed at the new production facility of the Alamo Beer Company to provide a floor that could withstand the harsh environment. The iconic beer brand recently returned to Alamo City after a 95-year hiatus.

The company’s new USD 8 million facility combines the best aspects of contemporary beer production with a rich heritage of Texan tradition, and will eventually have the capacity to brew 40,000 barrels during its first five to seven years. The design and construction of the brewery took into consideration the need to facilitate a hygienic and efficient working environment durable enough to survive the challenging on-site conditions.

Flowfresh HF cementitious urethane flooring system was installed on 8,000 sq. ft. of the facility to provide a floor able to withstand heavy equipment, heat, foot traffic and the inevitable spillages of beer, liquids and brewing by-products for the long term. Stainless steel drains were also incorporated into the floor to allow contaminants to quickly wash out of the area.

Flowfresh is a key production line component with its seamless, impervious and easy-to-clean finish minimising the risk of contamination build-up at floor level. Flowfresh’s ability to create an ultra-hygienic surface led to the range achieving HACCP International certification.

Though the Alamo Beer Company’s complex exudes a raw, industrial style, the brewing area has been designed for cleanliness and durability. To balance the dual requirements of aesthetics and functionality, the Flowfresh floor was specified in a rich, burnt umber red that reflected the stylised distressed metal effect used throughout the beer garden and beer hall.

The Flowfresh HF floor was installed by the STAR (Specialist Training in the Application of Resin) rated flooring applicator DLS Flooring. STAR contractors have passed Flowcrete Americas’ educational training program that teaches participants how to consistently achieve a high-quality resin floor finish.

Flowfresh is the result of an exclusive global partnership between world-leading resin flooring manufacturer, Flowcrete and antibacterial agent manufacturer, Polygiene. A silver-ion based additive is homogenously distributed throughout the Flowfresh material to complement regular floor cleaning and hygiene practices between the site’s scheduled wash cycles. Flowfresh meets the ISO 22196 standard, which measures the antibacterial effectiveness of plastics and other non-porous surfaces.