Flowfresh SR from Flowcrete was specified for Chef’s Pantry during the refurbishment of the vegetable processing area at their Braeside plant to ensure a hygienic environment for their produce. Being in the food distribution business, it was imperative for the plant to prioritise the need for a hygienic environment that would maintain the freshness of their produce while minimising the risk of contamination. A specialist flooring solution from Flowcrete was installed to facilitate the removal of dirt, grime and bacteria easily from the area.

Flowfresh SR (4-6mm) along with Flowfresh sealer was installed on an area covering 1,200m² to create a seamless, easy-to-clean finish that would maintain an impervious, gap-free coating despite the busy onsite operating conditions that saw over 90 tonnes of fresh food products being supplied every week. Drainage was incorporated into the finish so that unwanted contaminants could be quickly washed out of the area.

Chef’s Pantry Sales Manager Daniel Grunfield said that the new Flowfresh SR floor has simplified cleaning in terms of effort and time. The new Ash Grey light-reflective finish would provide the site with an aesthetically pleasing surface able to withstand the inevitable impacts, traffic, spillages and cleaning that it would be subjected to everyday.

Chef’s Pantry chose Flowcrete Australia’s Flowfresh range for its HACCP International certification. HACCP International operates a product certification scheme within which they evaluate materials intended for the food industry to identify food safety hazards and appropriate controls in order to reduce the risk of food contamination from those materials. This is now a key requirement of many due diligence processes, including the approved procurement of materials. 

Flowcrete Australia’s Victoria Sales Manager, Arthur Karayannis explains that Flowfresh has been designed to meet the challenging flooring needs of the food and beverage industry, where it is critical to keep processing areas clean and clear despite the chemicals, traffic, equipment and intensity inherent to the sector. This food safe approach to flooring was ideal for Chef’s Pantry, which knew that getting the processing area sorted was essential to providing the freshest and highest quality produce to their customers.

The antimicrobial additive Polygiene incorporated in Flowfresh was also a deciding factor for Chef’s Pantry when they were preparing the flooring specification. Polygiene is a silver-ion based agent that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor. The polyurethane system has been proven to meet the ISO 22196 standard, which measures the antibacterial effectiveness of plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

The combination of HACCP International certification and ISO 22196 compliance proves that Flowfresh is uniquely tailored to meet the food industry’s stringent hygiene demands.

Executed by Flowcrete Australia’s approved applicator, the flooring installation was completed quickly within the limited shutdown opportunity available at the plant.

Flowfresh SR’s positively textured finish provides a slip resistant surface, which has enhanced safety in Chef’s Pantry’s vegetable processing area, where dropped produce, spillages and cleaning water could potentially lead to slippery conditions. 

Image: Approximately 1,200m² of Flowfresh SR (4-6mm) and Flowfresh Sealer was installed in Chef’s Pantry’s refurbished vegetable processing area to create an ultra-hygienic floor finish.