An antimicrobial enhanced polyurethane coating from Flowcrete was installed in the brewery area at the new White Rabbit Brewery in Geelong, Victoria to ensure hygiene and cleanliness on the floor. The Flowfresh antimicrobial polyurethane coating enables the floor underfoot to maintain a hygienic, functional finish in the face of challenging onsite conditions.

White Rabbit’s brewery and barrel hall was opened next to sister brewery Little Creatures (which recently won the top prize at the 2016 Craft Beer Awards for its Pilsner) in the Little Creatures Brewery Village.

Since the open plan brewery would have visitors taking a tour of the facility, it was important for White Rabbit to be able to easily keep the production area looking fresh, inviting and unblemished. About 400 square metres of both Flowfresh SR and Flowfresh Sealer were installed within the new brewery to meet the client’s practical and aesthetic requirements.

The seamless floor allows White Rabbit’s operators to wash down the site, keeping the busy production area clean and free from contaminants. Drainage was also incorporated into the floor to facilitate the rapid removal of excess liquid, dropped items and walked-in dirt.

The antibacterial coating was installed in a bright Coral Red finish to add colour to the space. The highly durable coating not only preserves the floor’s colour but also protects its impervious, seamless nature against the inevitable impacts from kegs, tools and heavy equipment as well as from point loading, spillages of corrosive ingredients and by-products, frequent cleaning and thermal shock.