Automotive workshops, service centres and garages are extremely busy environments with constant exposure to corrosive automotive chemicals, oil and grease, heavy vehicle movement, pressure from bulky equipment, and impact from dropped tools among many more.

Floors in these automotive workshops need to be able to stand up to the constant abuse or risk cracking, chipping, or delaminating problems, leading to messy and unsightly outcomes. Additionally, the visible damage can also spoil the brand’s visual identity, become much harder to clean, and could even pose a dangerous trip risk.

Robust resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete are increasingly being applied in the automotive industry, thanks to their ability to create a hardwearing, decorative finish that will maintain both functional and aesthetic properties for the long term. 

The NRMA Motorserve workshop in Caringbah, Sydney was able to improve safety and slip resistance with the application of Flowcrete’s resin flooring. Following a series of successful installations in other NRMA Motorserve workshops, Flowcrete’s polyurethane resin flooring solution Flowcoat UV was found suitable for the Caringbah workshop’s requirements. Flowcoat UV is formulated to provide a seamless, chemical-resistant and anti-slip surface, suitable for demanding industrial facilities.

The Flowcoat UV application covered 1,300 square metres of area across the driveway, workshop bays and spray booths, with the high-performance floor coating applied in a combination of mid grey and dark grey colours. The colour choice complemented NRMA’s blue and yellow corporate colours and also allowed the white line markings to clearly stand out.

NRMA Motorserve took advantage of the versatile nature of resin finishes to improve on-site safety levels, specifying a more comprehensive level of slip resistance in the areas where employees faced a higher risk of slips and trips.

Resin flooring allows the end user to tailor the finish to the specific requirements of each facility or even vary it between different parts of the same facility. For example, the taxing conditions within James Frizelle Sunshine Automotive’s new workshop in Arundel, Queensland meant that a coating was required that would provide a level of protection above and beyond what was necessary at NRMA Motorserve. 

Designed as a multipurpose site, the James Frizelle workshop housed a number of service areas, including an Isuzu Truck workshop and wash bay, Isuzu Ute workshop and a used car workshop. The floors in the different sections of the workshop would face diverse challenges including face point loading, traffic and pressure from extremely heavy vehicles (with some trucks weighing up to 26,000kg) while the wash bay floor would need to withstand prolonged exposure to large quantities of hot soapy water. 

Flowcrete’s highly durable cementitious urethane system Flowcrete SR was installed on an area covering 4,000 square metres in a cool grey colour, with its thick, seamless nature helping maintain an effective, attractive and easy to clean surface for a prolonged period of time. 

Drainage was incorporated into the Flowcrete SR floor in the wash bay and coving was applied along the edge between the floor and the wall, ensuring that the finish would not harbour any contaminants or ponding water. 

Additionally, since the building’s large windows and doors allowed light to pour into the workshop unobstructed, the UV stable coloured sealer Flowseal UV was applied on top of the Flowcrete SR coating to protect against prolonged UV exposure.