Leading food manufacturing design specialist Wiley specified a high performance resin floor from Flowcrete Australia for a $12 million, state-of-the-art smokehouse in Parramatta Creek, Tasmania.

Wiley was contracted by the Huon Aquaculture Smokehouse and Product Innovation Centre to upgrade, centralise and future-proof the large-scale salmon producer’s operations. The flooring project was part of the 10-month construction programme that included a refurbishment of the existing site as well as a new extension that would double the business’ footprint.

According to Huon’s Managing Director, Peter Bender, the new smokehouse and product centre was part of a four-year, $200 million controlled growth strategy for the company to consolidate their operations in Tasmania, delivering increased production capacity and efficiency while reducing their environmental footprint.

As a long-term partner of Huon Aquaculture, Wiley utilised its extensive expertise in the industry to create a revitalised facility that is expected to deliver over one million dollars in cost savings in its first year alone.

A key challenge was for the floor area in Huon Aquaculture’s upgraded facility to withstand the annual production of 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon, subjecting the floor to heavy equipment, spillages of fish and by-products, frequent cleaning, thermal shock and constant foot traffic. As one of Australia’s premium global producers of fresh and smoked salmon products, the new 2,500m² facility would need a floor that met the highest standards of cleanliness despite these difficult operating conditions.

Wiley contacted Flowcrete Australia for its ultra-hygienic antimicrobial Flowfresh flooring range and specified its polyurethane system Flowfresh SR for the new facility. Flowfresh’s durability combined with its anti-slip, easy-to clean-finish made it ideal for Huon’s new facility.

A 6mm layer of Flowfresh SR was applied in the smokehouse’s main processing areas, with stainless steel drainage incorporated into the finish. Each part of the site is marked by different colours to aid navigation and reduce cross contamination. A Signal Green floor was installed in the Cold Smoke Slicing room and Warm Buff was used for the Hot Smoke Slicing room.

Flowcrete Australia’s Managing Director, Sean Tinsley explained that the specification of Flowfresh for the project was a testament to its quality as it had to meet the high standards and rigorous demands of one of the nation’s largest salmon producers as well as a premier food industry designer-builder.

Tinsley says Flowfresh’s highly successful, tried-and-tested ability to create a hygienic floor finish within food and beverage industry facilities, has led to its accreditation with HACCP International Certification. This achievement means that food producers can specify Flowfresh, safe in the knowledge that it complies with a crucial, globally recognised standard for food safety.

Flowfresh’s hygienic credentials come from the antimicrobial agent Polygiene, which utilises the natural bactericidal properties of silver to eliminate germs and microbes. The Polygiene additive is homogenously distributed throughout Flowfresh’s resin matrix, a formulation that has been tested to meet the ISO 22196 standard for measuring a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness on plastics and other non-porous surfaces.

The flooring was a critical part of the project since Huon Aquaculture sought to maintain a clean and fresh appearance, not only to ensure a safe processing space, but also because a suspended walkway allowed customers and visitors to view the facility.

To accommodate Huon Aquaculture’s requirement for flexibility to expand in future, Wiley designed the facility so that it could be added to over the years. The Flowfresh floor ties into this aim and its robust nature allows it to handle an increased workload at a later date.

Image: Different colours were used to designate each part of Huon Aquaculture’s new site in order to aid navigation and reduce cross contamination.