Performance flooring manufacturer Flowcrete International has launched a fast-track flooring system, specifically designed for the fast-moving commercial sector. Known as Flowfast, the flooring can be ready for use just two hours after installation.

Utilising the MMA technology, Flowfast delivers a floor finish that not only looks good but stands up to all the demands associated with floors in fast-paced environments. Good durability and abrasion resistance makes Flowfast ideal for heavy industrial and commercial applications.

High compressive strength and impact resistance, coupled with exceptional bond strength provides Flowfast with a long-lasting floor finish with a lifespan of up to 10 years.

Flowcrete International’s regional marketing and market development manager Ian Dawson says, “Flowfast offers a unique advantage for fast-paced environments such as commercial and retail. The wide range of colourways and decorative styles enable an exceptionally hard-wearing yet eye-catching, attractive floor finish to be installed within minimum disruption.”

In the retail sector, retail outlets and supermarkets are being transformed with Flowfast. Multinational organisations such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ikea, Marks & Spencer, Boots and Debenhams have all selected Flowfast.

“With Flowfast, we are able to carry out refurbishment programmes with minimal disruption to operations. This is proving very attractive to retailers. It enables them to present a completely fresh image literally overnight without incurring any losses through downtime,” says Dawson. “The fact that Flowfast can also withstand shopping trolleys and other indoor wheeled traffic is another key benefit.”

For new-build projects, the ability to install Flowfast over green concrete with relative humidity of 100% is a key benefit in helping to speed up construction times. “Typically, flooring can only be installed after ‘green concrete’ has completely dried out – which in some cases can be as much as 28 days. With Flowfast, this waiting time is not an issue and following trades can start work almost immediately,” adds Dawson.

In the manufacturing industry, companies looking to generate a more inspirational, productive working environment without taking a hit on downtime are also turning to Flowfast. Global organisations such as Nestle, Diageo, BAE, Airbus, Ford and Glaxo Smithkline are among some of Flowcrete’s industrial clients to date.

Flowfast is non-dusting and biologically inert and the easy-clean, pinhole-free, non-porous, seamless finish prevents any accumulation of bacteria and dirt. Flowfast can stand up to rigorous cleansing regimes, at temperatures of up 70° C.

Flowfast provides good slip-resistance, which can be tailored according to requirements, minimizes the potential for slips and trips. “Chemical resistance to a wide range of alkalis, acids, oils, salts and other aggressive media makes the system ideal for installation in food processing and preparation environments,” adds Dawson.