Flowcrete installed a high performance resin floor for globally renowned Swedish furniture brand IKEA at their newest store in Hong Kong. Seeking a floor that could withstand several challenges including heavy foot traffic, impacts, point loading and food spills, the flat-packed furniture retailer chose Flowcrete for its visual appeal, durability, safety and cleanability.

Flooring plays a crucial role in the design of large-scale retail environments, as it is the largest surface on the site and provides the backdrop to the products on display. Floors that are unsightly, unclean or unattractive will quickly put off customers and negatively impact the store’s profitability.

Located in CWD Building’s 8½ shopping mall in the Tsuen Wan area of Hong Kong, IKEA’s fourth store in the city offers customers a spacious showroom displaying furniture and home furnishings as well as a children’s playroom and food court.

For the 4,000m² floor area, IKEA sought to deliver functionality and safety for both staff and customers while creating an aesthetic that reflected their global brand and high standards.

To achieve the desired outcome, and ensure that the final surface would be up to the task at hand, a combination of flooring materials was required from Flowcrete. The project began with the application of the rapid-curing screed system Isocrete K-Screed. This semi-dry cementitious screed incorporates proprietary additives to produce an early drying, high strength screed layer. The fast drying time of Isocrete K-Screed enabled the flooring project to be completed sooner than a traditional screed system.

The screed was then coated with the seamless epoxy system Flowshield SL with a Flowseal UV Matt sealer. The self-smoothing system Flowshield SL creates a decorative, hardwearing finish, ideal for environments that require a level, easy to clean surface. 

The floor finish in a sleek, light grey colour complemented IKEA’s globally recognised image and interior design scheme, while contrasting effectively with the black signage on the floor to aid customer navigation around the store.

Flowshield SL’s seamless and impervious characteristics allow the store’s cleaning regime to quickly and easily wash away any dirt or contaminants, keeping the store looking fresh and unblemished.

The three-part flooring specification gave IKEA the confidence that the finish underfoot would maintain an attractive and effective surface for an extended period of time despite heavy foot traffic, impacts from dropped items, frequent cleaning, wheeled equipment, point loading from displays, food spillages as well as the unavoidable scratches and scrapes from moving furniture.