Flowcrete  have installed the custom-built floor finish in the UK at the new £10 million Security Search Area of Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1.

The entire 2,500 square metre installation was carried out over the course of just one weekend.

An ideal system known as Flowfast Terrosso was used to create a tailor-made design for the area, comprising a blend of blues, silvers and glitter flakes within the flooring mix.

Based on the advanced resin technology, the Flowfast system delivers a floor, which in most cases is available to walk on and work on just two hours after installation.

Alan Blay, Flowcrete’s Global Director for Flowfast, said, “Disruption to operations is minimised thanks to Flowfast’s ultra-fast curing times and bond properties. It means we can transform a facility literally overnight.”

Tony Fleming of Aedas Architects, Manchester Airport Group’s Framework Architects, said: “We wanted something completely different for the airport, in a style which had not been used before. We went down to Flowcrete’s UK headquarters with Milligans, the Manchester Airport Design Team, to mix our own colours.”

“It was a completely bespoke product and we would have struggled to get that level of choice and flexibility – together with speed of installation - from any other type of flooring.”

“We are pleased with the end result and fits perfectly with Manchester Airport’s vision of a clean, simple and inviting environment for Terminal 1.”

Alan Blay added, “Around 15,000 passengers go through Terminal 1’s Security Search Area each day. The floor is not only visually appealing - its reflective qualities help lift illumination levels within the building and the hard-wearing properties of the system will easily withstand the high footfall levels.”

Graham Fenton, Sales Director of Q Flooring, which carried out the installation, added: “This was a prestigious project that performed well both in terms of the speed of the programme and the style of the floor finish.”

Other recent projects where Flowfast has been installed include the NASA Space Centre in Houston, Texas, and Lonza Pharmaceuticals in Singapore.

“The high performance characteristics of the system, combined with the wide range of colours and decorative styles available makes Flowfast a suitable choice for both industrial and commercial applications,” added Alan Blay.

Alan Blay’s role as Director for Flowfast was recently extended from a UK remit to include responsibility for the global growth of the fast-track system and coordination of large-scale Flowfast projects.