In 2004, Macau became home to a large casino with the opening of the Sands Macau. This was followed in 2006 by the Wynn Macau, and a further 10 casino-cum-hotel complexes are scheduled to be built and opened between now and 2009.

International flooring company Flowcrete is working with architects and developers to ensure that all these projects are developed to high standards, especially when it comes to the floorzone, helping to create the right impression on the high-rolling visitors.

Wynn Design and Development, LLC, is one of the major players in the leisure, hospitality and gaming industry and is currently expanding its operations outside its home US market. Its combined casino and resort development in Macau is a prestigious project, aimed at attracting the top echelon of customers.

According to Flowcrete, Wynn had experienced major problems with floor failures back in the US. They were therefore keen to avoid any similar situation on their Macau project given the disruption and loss of face that would occur if it became necessary to remove and replace a failed floor in one of its new and busy casinos.

The original design of the Casino Flooring System called for a sandwich construction comprising a grouting system to be installed under a Walkerduct System. This was to be followed by a grade 30 concrete topping at the various casino floor levels to accept different types of floor finish, with a final self-smoothing topping in some areas.

Of particular concern was the transfer of weight from the cash trucks to the Walkerduct, especially in the corridors. A heavy truck was expected to be up to 1000kg supported on four 200mm x 50mm wheels.

Flowcrete Hong Kong proposed its Isocrete Heavy Duty K-Screed system, which uses a single product instead of three, avoiding a sandwich construction scenario. The Heavy Duty K-Screed system is a category A screed with high compressive strength and good performance characteristics well able to withstand the demands of the casino floor.

In addition to greater durability and impact resistance, the reduced water content of the semi-dry cementitious K-Screed eliminates the cracking and curling that often occur with conventional substrates such as sand and cement. Faster curing and drying times are added benefits, with K-Screed curing in as little as 2-4 hours, as compared to 7 days for sand/cement.

Drying times are also significantly faster, with K-Screed requiring only 24 hours per 10mm thickness (depending on ambient temperature), while sand/cement can take up to 75 days (11 weeks).

The Wynn Resort project called for 20,000sqm of the K-Screed system installed at an average thickness of 110mm above the Walkerduct system. Installation was carried out by Flowcrete’s approved applicator ASTEL using the revolutionary K-Master screed rail.

The K-Master screed rail enables consistency of installation, especially over large areas such as on this project. It can accommodate subtle changes in line and level and ensures a surface flatness to SR1 is achieved.

Wynn Design and Development was keen to ensure that the prestige factor extended throughout its Casino & Resort facility and selected Flowcrete’s car-park decking system, Deckshield, for the multi-storey car-park.

Over 20,000sqm of the waterproof, crack-bridging, polyurethane system were installed, including 3,500sqm of exposed deck system on the top deck, onto a substrate of the Heavy Duty K-Screed.

In addition to providing a high quality finish, the Deckshield system also helps protect the integrity of the structure in the long term, preventing damage from water ingress into the fabric of the building.

Other developers in Macau that have selected these performance flooring systems include MGM Grand Paradise Casino, where 30,000sqm of K-Screed has been installed at 60mm thickness on top of lightweight concrete and Walkerduct trunking.

At the Grand Lisboa Project, a total of 19,950sqm of Deckshield was installed at the car-park, as well as 7,850sqm of Flowcem, a fast-drying epoxy cement composite to provide a moisture proof barrier at the Lower Basement level. The car park at the Galaxy Starworld Hotel has also been installed with 3,500sqm of Deckshield.

According to Flowcrete, an important part of its portfolio is working with developers and architects to provide specification advice on performance flooring systems for new and refurbishment projects.

Flowcrete’s systems are currently specified on a number of other upcoming projects in Macau. Flowcrete is working closely with the specifiers to provide advice on selection of the suitable flooring system for the application in hand.