The new Tropicana City Mall located in the Malaysian city suburb, Petaling Jaya, provides a mix of retail space and office towers, all housed in a modern complex complete with glass frontage. In keeping with the contemporary environment, the entire car parking area, comprising 2200 bays, has been installed with car park decking system, Deckshield, from Flowcrete Australia , to deliver a pleasant ambience.

The client selected Flowcrete Australia’s polyurethane Deckshield system over an epoxy system. Deckshield’s waterproof properties, high durability and gloss finish with ease of cleaning were among the factors that finalised the selection.

The use of various Deckshield formulations on the internal structure of the car park has enhanced the visual appearance and improved light reflectivity, while enabling traffic flow to be safely controlled through the use of the Deckshield Linemarker system. In addition to creating a safe and pleasant ambience, the light reflective properties of Deckshield helped to reduce electricity consumption and delivered significant cost savings for property owners and car park operators. The profiled anti-skid surface of the Deckshield minimises tyre squeal and reduces noise pollution.

Deckshield offer high chemical and abrasion resistance, and the hard-wearing, crack-bridging properties of Deckshield also ensure that ongoing structural maintenance can be kept to a minimum. Deckshield system has been certified to American Standards Testing specification ASTM C957.