Flowcrete Australia recommended the use of its Flowcoat SF41 composite expoxy resin flooring with a topcoat of Flowcoat Quartz sealer when contracted to provide a hard, easy to clean surface with a good level of slip resistance as well as resistance to chemicals and anti-staining properties for a new automotive dealership at Newcastle in NSW.

Given that the showroom and workshop were new-built facilities, it was possible to leave the floor slabs of the workshop to cure for a 28-day period prior to application of the floor system.. The 1300sq m area was then captive shot blast, followed by vacuum cleaning to ensure a completely smooth surface for installation of the 3mm epoxy resin system.

CFP (Concrete Floor Protection), one of Flowcrete’s licensed applicators, installed two layers of SF41 composite, followed by a further two roller applied coats of Flowcoat SF41. The final coat was a clear Quartz sealer, adding an extra layer of protection against possible staining.

“We were originally considering a coloured chlorinated rubber system, but when we heard about the Flowcrete epoxy resin system and the benefits it could offer, we opted to go with that,” says Graham O’Shannessy, building consultant for the project. “The results have more than justified our decision. The floor looks great, cleans up very well and it is certainly in line with the client’s corporate image.”

Source: Building Products News.