Flowfresh SR, a reliable resin flooring solution for hygienic environments available from Flowcrete Australia was installed at Western Australia’s new flagship hospital, the $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital.

The 783-bed tertiary hospital had an ultra-hygienic floor installed to meet its ethos of utilising state-of-the-art technology to provide a world-class medical facility. Equivalent in size to four city blocks, the Fiona Stanley Hospital campus in Murdoch is the largest construction project ever undertaken by the State Government.

Advanced construction technologies and concepts were employed throughout the project alongside several scientific, technological and medical innovations to ensure patients and the medical community have access to a wide range of clinical, research and education services.

This commitment to meeting world-leading standards was also seen in the decision to install Flowcrete’s innovative antimicrobial floor Flowfresh SR in the patient catering facility on an area covering 1,120 square metres. Flowfresh resin flooring was chosen to ensure a sanitary environment that would minimise the risk from harmful contaminants.

The antimicrobial agent Polygiene in Flowfresh actively assists on-site cleaning regimes by inhibiting the growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria on the floor surface.

Flowcrete Australia Managing Director Sean Tinsley explains that hygiene is a paramount concern in both medical and food environments, making Flowfresh the ideal solution for these locations. He adds that the flooring solution’s ability to retain a smooth, hardwearing finish ensures easy cleaning, while eliminating unwanted and potentially harmful pathogens with its anti-bacterial component before the cleaning routine even starts.

Flowfresh is a durable and reliable flooring material made from cementitious polyurethane with the capability to withstand abusive environments without failing. It has been formulated to resist the effects of chemicals, wear, heat and hot water, enabling the floor surface to remain level and crack-free, removing any opportunity for contaminants to accumulate and thrive within the gaps in the floor.

The Polygiene additive incorporated within the Flowfresh resin eliminates germs by emitting powerful silver ions that destroy gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. No harsh or toxic chemicals are used to achieve Flowfresh’s germ-destroying properties. Incorporated throughout the hard wearing Flowfresh mixture, Polygiene’s effectiveness won’t fade over time.

Exclusive Flowcrete applicator in Western Australia, Antiskid Industries Pty Ltd installed the Flowfresh flooring in the patient catering facility, completing the entire project over a six-week period. Flowfresh was applied in both 4mm and 6mm thicknesses to match the demands of the environment. Antiskid Industries had recommended that Flowfresh should be used over all alternative products for the project due to its superior long term performance.

Flowcrete Australia is committed to working with clients throughout the specification, installation and life-time of the floor to ensure the selection of the best solution for the application with the assurance of a high-quality, long term finish.