Leading flooring manufacturer Flowcrete has redeveloped its world-renowned Deckshield ED system for the Asia Pacific, Australia, India and the Middle East regions - to offer enhanced protection in outdoor car parking structures exposed to year round harsh environmental conditions.

The reformulated coating now includes a new waterproofing membrane to shield exposed decks of multi-storey parking facilities from extremes of weather and on top of this protects against water entering the concrete substrate of on the exposed deck, which can lead to damage of the entire structure.

As well as offering a watertight solution, the re-launched Deckshield ED also protects against extreme UV exposure, ensuring the coating’s colour is retained for the long term.

The improved crack bridging qualities of Deckshield ED also make the system the ideal choice for suspended concrete slabs, often used in car park designs.

To tackle demands on space in car park areas, slab construction is increasingly designed with large clear spans, which require minimal support. This design can create more movement between the suspended slabs, particularly during periods of high volume traffic movement.

However, the application of Deckshield ED tackles this problem, with the system offering a protective coating capable of absorbing movement and bridging any gaps.

As well as car park decks, Deckshield ED is ideal for pathways, entrance and exit points and other exposed areas subject to foot and vehicular traffic, in both refurbishment and new build projects.

The system can be applied in a range of shades, transforming traditionally dull and dark car park areas with a choice of attractive colour schemes.

Deckshield ED also helps aid safe navigation - with the use of directional arrows and other driver information at ground level - and reduces noise including tyre squeal.

David McNeece, Flowcrete’s Business Development Manager, said: “Deckshield ED offers a completely new system, which is designed to handle the unique environments of exposed and suspended car park

“Exposed decks are subject to harsh environmental conditions all year round, including rain, sleet, snow, extreme UV, and freeze and thaw cycles.

“The new Deckshield ED formula is purposely designed to cope with these conditions and offer outstanding protection.

“The new system is also the ideal choice to handle the unique construction of suspended slabs, due to its ability to handle both expansion and contraction from thermal stresses and dynamic movement inherent in this type of construction.”

Flowcrete’s research and development team has also developed a fast-track variant of the product, Deckshield ED Rapide. Ready for use just hours after installation, it is designed to enable very fast application, on exposed decks.

Mr McNeece added: “The development of Flowcrete Deckshield ED Rapide is based on time proven and trusted MMA (methyl methacrylate) technology. This system carries all the benefits of Deckshield ED with the added benefit of quick cure, to dramatically reduce program times.”