Add-A-Grip is a unique anti slip treatment which leaves a thin, invisible layer over vinyl and timber floors to reduce the risk of accidents caused by slippery floors. It has been developed and manufactured by Floorsafe International to be incredibly easy to apply, economical, and versatile. It can be purchased in two, five and twenty litre containers, and covers at 200 to 250 square metres of flooring per one litre of Add-A-Grip. Reapplication occurs depending on the amount of traffic and wear.  

The application of anti slip coatings simply involves adding one part anti-slip solution with ten parts water in a bucket, and using a mop to evenly disperse the liquid over the floor. Once dried, the vinyl and timber floor is suitable to walk on. Floorsafe International can apply Add-A-Grip to any vinyl or timber floor in residential, commercial and industrial areas.