If you are planning to build on a concrete slab, Pyrotenax electric storage floor heating available from Floor Heating Systems is an ideal, economical and practical form of space heating you can buy.

Electric heating cables are embedded in the concrete slab during construction. These heat the slab during regulated heating periods.

Pyrotenax floor heating is simple and economical to install. Discuss it at your initial planning stage with your architect, builder or specialist heating installer.

Economical to install

No building modifications are needed. Pyrotenax floor heating systems do not require plant rooms, ductwork or flues or even increase in slab thickness.

Economical to run

Heat input to the slab is controlled by wall-mounted or in-slab thermostats. Heating in each room or zone is controlled by a separate thermostat, so energy need never be wasted.

The Pyrotenax floor heating system takes advantage of low cost off-peak electricity available in most areas. When normal rate electricity is being used the system can be regulated by a time clock. Check with your local electricity authority regarding off-peak power availability in your area.

The concrete slab stores enough heat during the off-peak charge period to continue to maintain a comfortable temperature for the full 24 hours. Heat storage is topped up again during the next heating period.

Good warmth

The heat stored inside the concrete slab is emitted from the whole surface area, giving an almost even air temperature from floor to ceiling. Warmth is produced where it is required most, underfoot and then radiates throughout the area.

CSIRO tests show that where floor level temperatures are around 16ºC people feel comfortably warm all over. When floor level temperatures are lower, people feel cold even if the temperature at head level is over 21ºC.

Pyrotenax electric storage floor heating is the energy-efficient way to provide a constantly comfortable room temperature.


Heat that radiates from floor level is much more efficient than heat that is forced from overhead ducts. The Pyrotenax electric storage floor heating system can also utilise the sun’s energy by absorbing solar energy through northerly aspect windows (particularly onto hard surface floor coverings).

This further reduces running costs. Proper insulation will, of course, further enhance this efficiency (Heat loss through an uninsulated ceiling can amount to 30-40%).