FLIR Infrared Cameras & Thermal Imaging has introduced a new range of thermal imaging firefighting cameras featuring a revolutionary technology to produce ultra-crisp thermal imagery. The latest member of FLIR’s K-Series family will allow firefighters to see even better in total darkness or smoke-filled rooms.

The new FLIR K55 thermal imaging cameras for firefighting applications incorporate Flexible Scene Enhancement (FSX) technology to deliver extremely sharp thermal imagery while the on-board video recording feature is ideal for evidence gathering and training.

The K55 firefighting camera with FSX displays its ultra-sharp 320x 240 pixel thermal images on a large bright 4” LCD display, allowing firefighters to navigate safely and make accurate decisions when attacking fires and searching for victims. The firefighter gets the advantage of enhanced image details such as edges and corners with the FSX feature.

On-board video recording in the FLIR K55 thermal cameras enables the firefighter to document the fire, creating a valuable training aid for later review. The on-board image storage can accommodate up to 200 thermal JPEGs, which can be reviewed later from the camera’s archive or exported via USB for reports. The K55 is affordable enough for agencies to equip every fire truck with a thermal imaging camera.

Key features of the FLIR K55 thermal imaging cameras include intuitive three-button user interface for easy access to all controls, even while wearing heavy gloves; different colour modes allowing the firefighter to adapt the camera to the most demanding situation; designed to operate in tough conditions; ability to withstand a 2m drop on a concrete floor; water resistance to IP67; and fully operational up to +260°C/ +500°F.

Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR Systems explains that FLIR continues to provide innovative and affordable advances in thermal imaging technology for firefighting and public safety applications with the K55 being yet another example of how their vertical integration, image processing expertise, and commercially developed, military qualified products can make a real difference to first responders around the world.

The new FLIR K55 will be introduced at the upcoming Intersec Exhibition in Dubai and is available for purchase through established distribution networks beginning March 1st, 2015. The K55 also comes with FLIR’s exclusive warranty covering the full camera for two years and the detector for ten years.