FLIR Infrared Cameras & Thermal Imaging  announces a new range of fast thermal imaging cameras equipped with a cooled detector for industrial R&D applications.

The FLIR A35x0sc/A65x0sc-Series thermal imaging cameras deliver better image quality, more sensitivity and a higher frame rate in various applications than what can be obtained from a thermal imaging camera with an uncooled detector.

FLIR X8000 or X6000 series cameras can be opted for to meet requirements for higher frame rates and better image quality.

All four cameras in the FLIR A35x0sc/A65x0sc-Series feature Mid-Wave infrared cooled detectors, enabling them to see through or at materials such as certain types of glasses or plastics, which is not possible on an uncooled Long-Wave camera.

The FLIR A65x0sc produces crisp thermal images of 640x512 pixels. Users that do not need high image quality for their application can choose the FLIR A3520sc, which produces thermal images of 320x256 pixels.

The high thermal sensitivity of <25 mK captures fine image details and temperature difference information, only achievable with cryogenically cooled infrared detectors.

External Triggering/ Synchronisation

External triggering allows synchronisation of image capture to fleeting events. It is also possible to configure one camera to be master and others to be slave for applications requiring more than one camera.

Snapshot operation

All FLIR A35x0sc/A65x0sc-Series cameras work on a snapshot mode with all pixels registering the thermal event simultaneously. Image blur, commonly occurring in non-snapshot cameras while capturing moving objects or in motion applications, will not be a problem with the new FLIR cameras.

GigE Vision standard compatibility

GigE Vision, a new camera interface standard developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol allows fast image transfer using low cost standard cables even over long distances. With GigE Vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

Software included

The FLIR A35x0sc/ A65x0sc thermal imaging cameras work seamlessly together with FLIR ResearchIR/ ResearchIR Max software, allowing for viewing, recording and advanced processing of the infrared data provided by the camera. Each camera comes standard with a basic version of FLIR ResearchIR.