FLIR Systems has developed the MSX Multi-Spectral Dynamic image mode, which brings together both the visual and thermal spectrums in a striking, innovative way.

While thermal imaging technology helps detect problems, thermal images alone will not help with better understanding of the problem. FLIR Systems’ MSX imaging brings together both the visual and thermal spectrums and is now onboard most of FLIR’s thermal cameras for the industrial and building market. MSX instantaneously generates a definitive, all-in-one thermal picture that easily orients the user to the location of the problem, the moment it is viewed on the screen or in a report. The FLIR format allows all images (MSX, thermal and visual) to be saved in one push of a button.

MSX technology embosses digital camera details onto thermal video and stills, delivering much better, visible results than traditional methods, which can dilute the thermal image.

Key details apparent to the naked eye such as numbers, labels, signage, and structural features can get lost in a regular thermal image, often requiring a separate digital photo to reference the location of the temperature issue detected. A regular thermal image only displays heat signatures, which can cause details to get lost in the haze if they present a similar temperature. 

To overcome this, FLIR cameras with MSX use an internal digital camera to enhance the thermal image. The high-contrast skeletonised visual image allows for key aspects of the visible spectrum to be overlaid on top of the thermal output, while still keeping the important thermal information prominent.

MSX technology extracts high-contrast details from the images taken by an onboard visible light camera, and etches or superimposes them onto the thermal images in real time, with the user getting to see a super sharp image complete with all details.

MSX uses visual data from a digital camera built into several models of thermal cameras for the industrial and building markets. Internal software then analyses the image from the cameras to superimpose the key aspects of that visual world onto the thermal image. The visual spectrum never blots out the thermal side of things, making sure that all information is still at the highest level of accuracy. 

MSX ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data or the quality of the thermal images. Thanks to MSX, thermal images look sharper, the orientation of the target will be done quicker and the reports are clutter-free, all for a speedy resolution of the problem. Users can see the results of MSX technology directly on the touch screen of the camera in real time. 

Whether presented in person, on a smartphone, or delivered in a report, the stunning and convincing MSX images give industrial and building professionals an extra edge to help them report better, get faster approval for repairs, and save money for customers.