FLIR Systems has launched a new thermal imaging moisture meter designed to instantly identify potential moisture issues in buildings.

Recommended for contractors, plumbers, roofers, energy efficiency experts, building inspectors, and moisture remediation professionals, the new FLIR MR160 imaging moisture meter is the first moisture meter to be equipped with a built-in thermal camera and features Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology driven by a FLIR Lepton thermal camera core.

The FLIR MR160 imaging moisture meter is able to instantly and efficiently pinpoint potential moisture issues, which are represented visually in the thermal image. This information enables the user to position the MR160 probes correctly on the surface of the wall, ceiling or floor to best quantify moisture levels and problems.

Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR comments that the MR160 expands their FLIR-branded Test and Measurement product line and represents the eighth product introduced by the company based on their revolutionary Lepton thermal camera core.

MR160’s portable, durable design and internal rechargeable battery make it an effective tool for every industry professional to carry on their tool belt.

Key features and capabilities of FLIR MR160 thermal imaging moisture meters include internal pinless probe for non-destructive quantitative measurements; external pin probe for contact readings helping confirm actual moisture levels; built-in laser pointer and display cross-hairs simplifying targeting; ability to capture and save both measurements and images together; and FLIR Tools software allowing easy transfer of data to a PC for analysis and report generation.  

The MR160 can be ordered from June 25th through participating FLIR distributors and dealers.