FLIR Infrared Cameras & Thermal Imaging introduces a fully integrated virtual perimeter alert system that uses thermal security cameras for simultaneous threat detection and assessment.

FLIR Thermal Fence combines IP thermal security cameras, video analytics software and various intrusion detection sensors to create a virtual perimeter surveillance system.

The virtual thermal fence is a turnkey solution for integrating and displaying the status and feedback from all perimeter security sensors on one convenient display.

FLIR Thermal Fence provides automated perimeter approach surveillance, intrusion detection and alert capabilities for every perimeter security application including critical infrastructure, petrochemical facilities, nuclear facilities, commercial campuses and residential installations employing a combination of FLIR thermal security cameras and the FLIR Sensors Manager (FSM) software.

Thermal infrared cameras can see clearly in total darkness and through smoke, dust and light fog, farther than any other night vision technology on the market today, and even in bright sunlight.

FLIR Thermal Fence can be built as simple or complex systems to meet different requirements. The virtual perimeter alert system in its simplest form can be a single thermal security camera and FLIR Sensors Manager software that can be used to establish a virtual perimeter and create customised alarms and tripwires to provide alerts on potential intrusions.

Complex systems can be created by integrating lots of thermal infrared cameras, CCTV cameras, and non-video alarm sensors such as shaker fences and RFIDs on the existing IP network for a seamless, layered perimeter defence system.

Thermal security cameras are fully networked with FLIR Sensors Manager, a comprehensive sensor management software package that allows the user to manage various alarms including fence sensors, ground sensors and radars from a range of third-party sensor manufacturers.

FLIR Thermal Fence is less expensive than installing a new physical barrier and less intrusive than an expensive lighting infrastructure.

Key features of FLIR Thermal Fence virtual perimeter alert system:

  • Boosts alarm detection and assessment capabilities along existing physical security fence lines 
  • Establishes a virtual perimeter in areas that cannot be fenced due to economic, environmental, or logistical restrictions 
  • Bolsters the security of critical zones within existing secured perimeters by creating exclusion zones and establishing concentric rings of increasingly stringent security coverage  
  • Instant, automated threat detection and visual threat assessment capability around the clock in one easy-to-use package 
  • FLIR Sensors Manager enables the user to manage alarms from fence sensors, ground sensors and radars 
  • Optional DVR Sensor Activity Recorder provides integrated alarm and activity recording capability over the thermal fence 
  • Integral geo-referenced mapping function features FLIR's unique slew-to-cue function, which commands FLIR's pan/tilt IP thermal security cameras to point at the precise coordinates of any alarm generated by any sensor 
  • Allows the operator to immediately perform a visual inspection of the alarm, expediting a human response to the event 
  • Can be configured with any number of thermal security cameras, fence sensors, radars, seismic sensors and fibre nets  
FSM's advanced video analytics use algorithms specifically designed to work with thermal video, allowing creation of customised rules for trip wires, exclusion zones, temperature alarms, and directional alarming while providing a much lower rate of false alarms than other analytics packages.