SonicClear PVC screens from Flexshield were installed at the Hastings Deering workshop to minimise the entry of noise, dust and fumes.

A reputed plant and equipment company, Hastings Deering was facing a problem from the noise, dust and fumes entering their workshop. As a specialist in flexible screening systems, Flexshield was consulted by the company for an affordable and effective solution.

Flexshield’s SonicClear PVC screens are strip curtains that create instant zones by segregating processing areas, containing heated or cooled air, preventing cross contamination and controlling noise. Ideal for mines, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, food production, laboratories and applications requiring zoning or control, SonicClear PVC screens and barriers are tailored to suit specific site requirements.

SonicClear PVC screens and barriers can also be supplied in kit-form with detailed installation instructions; alternatively, Flexshield’s efficient install team can complete this process.

Hastings Deering was impressed with the effectiveness of Flexshield’s SonicClear PVC screens.