Flexshield supplied five welding tents to a Queensland welding contractor to help them address onsite welding challenges.

The contractor, NRG Piping Pty Ltd was able to resolve the problems they were facing onsite using Flexshield’s welding tents. Manufactured by Flexshield to meet the company’s specific requirements, the five welding tents provided full protection of the welding process and allowed for efficient welding in harsh and unpleasant circumstances.

Flexshield welding tents conform to AS3957 for welding protection and are ideal for many applications, including pipeline welding, oil and gas, mine sites, onsite welding and repairs, and electrical servicing.

Karl Manders of NRG Piping Pty Ltd commented that everyone on the site, including the welding QA department, was impressed with the setup and quality of the tents. Flexshield’s welding tents ensured the contractor had the right gear to execute their work without having to grapple with scaffolding and tarps as other welding contactors on the site.