Flexshield was contacted by the Riverina Institute of TAFE for a solution to address their welding bay challenges. Responding promptly, Flexshield supplied Weldflex strip curtains for the twelve welding bays at the institute’s Cootamundra Campus.

Designed to be durable and tough, Flexshield’s Weldflex strip curtains protect both bystanders and welders against harmful radiation emitted during welding work.

Flexshield’s Weldflex strip curtains are recommended for use in engineering applications, workshops, welding bays, mines, oil and gas, manufacturing, high schools and TAFEs, manual arts, and trade training centres.

Darryl Chandler, Technical Assistant at the Riverina Institute of TAFE commented that the Flexshield welding bay curtains have been in use at their Cootamundra Campus for over six years. Though welding classes are held for over sixty hours a week, the strip curtains on the twelve welding bays in the practical workshop have required no physical maintenance whatsoever since their installation. The curtains simply require a wipe down at the end of each month.

Mr Chandler observes that the Weldflex strip curtains are a real timesaver over the old canvas curtains that were forever coming off their tracks and had students fighting their way through them with hot metal welding projects. The old one-piece curtains were also stiff and hard with melt holes caused by students’ projects coming in contact with them. Weldflex strip curtains part easily allowing the student to go through without causing melt holes.

With the new Weldflex strip curtains, the staff can observe the student in the bay through the semi-transparent red plastic barrier and no longer run the risk of accidental flash when drawing back the curtain.

Based on the success of Weldflex strip curtains at the Cootamundra Campus, several other campuses of the Riverina Institute will be replacing their old curtains with Flexshield’s flexible strip curtains.