Flexshield supplied sonic curtains recently to resolve a noise problem on Origin Energy’s offshore drilling platforms.

Origin Energy had a noise issue on their offshore drilling platforms, which was disturbing the sleep of their workers. Flexshield customised a flexible but permanent solution using sonic curtains.

Also known as acoustic curtains, Flexshield’s sonic curtains offer the perfect solution to any industrial machine or plant noise challenges, and can be easily installed. The sonic curtains are used to control noise in oil and gas mines, power stations, workshops, factories, earth and road works, and various industrial and environmental situations.

Installing acoustic curtains at noisy workplaces will improve productivity and employee morale by enabling better concentration at work, and increased efficiency and quality of work along with the added benefit of reducing and controlling the spread of dust and fumes.

Flexshield can customise these sonic curtains to suit specific requirements and noise situations. Flexshield also provides useful advice on government legislation, how it applies to a specific industry and the compliance requirements.

Very importantly, Flexshield’s sonic curtains help companies adhere to the government’s regulated time exposure allowance of 85dB(A) for eight hours, avoiding prosecution and litigation claims.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, sonic curtains are very durable and easily cleaned. Vision panels and access doors can be easily incorporated into acoustic curtains.

According to the Operations Superintendent for Origin BassGas, they were able to resolve the noise issue on their offshore platform with just one phone call to Flexshield. He added that Flexshield’s permanent yet flexible sonic curtain solution now allows their offshore team to sleep at night without distractions.